Lockdown 2021 - We are here for you
We are also there for you in this second Lockdown - even if only digitally.

Sell with REAWAKE
Also during the Lockdown we will find a new happy owner for your Treasures.
Send us photos of your Treasures to For shoes, we also ask you to take some photos of the soles so we can assess the condition. Ready to Wear we will only accept very select items.
We will make a selection and let you know for which Treasures we will find a new owner. After that, you have two options to send us your Treasures:

By mail:

We will mail you a shipping label. This service is free of charge.
Print the label, pack your Treasures and send the package on its way.
Once we receive the package, we will mail you your commission form with suggested prices.
Drop Off:

Make an appointment with us for the drop off at our boutique.
We will receive your treasures and create your commission form.
You can find us here:

REAWAKE Boutique
Kornhausstrasse 43
8037 Zurich
079 132 75 99

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Revive your Fashion Treasure with REAWAKE
REAWAKE would like to encourage you to treat your Fashion Treasures with the respect they deserve. Leather and textiles are valuable raw materials that should remain in the recycling cycle for as long as possible in order to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact.
Good reasons to find a new home for your Fashion Treasures with REAWAKE:

We treat your treasures with respect and appreciation.
Your effort is reduced to a minimum
We pay your share transparently and monthly directly to your account or as a gift card from Jelmoli.
We offer you a fair share for your Treasures
You become part of the REAWAKE seller community and have exclusive access to events and information.
1. choose treasures
We only sell authentic Treasures from high-end brands or special vintage pieces.
We are happy to sell the following Treasures for you:

Clothing & accessories for men and women
All items you want to give us on consignment are

100% original
freshly cleaned
Shoes are in a very good condition
If we are not 100% convinced of the authenticity of the Treasures, unfortunately we cannot sell them for you.
We hope you understand that we do not accept real fur or exotic leather.

2. drop off or pick up your Treasures
Drop off your Treasures between 10am and 1pm at Jelmoli in Zurich. If you would like to come at a different time and if there are more than ten pieces, please make an appointment so that we can take enough time for you:
+41 79 132 75 99

You are welcome to send us photos of your treasures in advance so that we can make a preliminary selection.

If you prefer not to come to Jelmoli, you can also send us your treasures by mail:

Kornhausstrasse 43
8037 Zurich

We are looking forward to seeing you!

If the original retail price of all your treasures is more than CHF 5'000 and you live in and around Zurich, we will be happy to come and pick them up.

3. we do the rest
We record your Fashion Treasures in the commission form. Our team carefully checks each item for condition and authenticity and makes you a price proposal by mail within 72h. Selected items will be photographed and offered in our online store.

4. your profit
We pay you monthly via bank transfer your share for sold treasures. If you choose a Jelmoli voucher, we will increase your profit by 10%. This means that if you win CHF 500, you will receive a Jelmoli voucher worth CHF 550.

Selling price/profit
The selling price for which we will offer the Treasures depends on the age, condition and new price of your item:

Our selling price Your profit
up to CHF 2'000 50% for you
CHF 2'001 - CHF 4'000 60% for you
from CHF 4'001 70% for you
We plant trees - join us!
If you agree, we will donate CHF 1.- to the One Tree Planted organization for every item you sell. Your small contribution has a big effect, because 1 franc = 1 tree planted. We are happy if you support us in the replanting of our planet.

Commission period
We always try to find a new owner for your Fashion Treasures. If your Treasures have not sold within 4 months of acceptance, you still have 1 month to pick them up.

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