Instagram Chanel Challenge





The bag in question is a black vintage CHANEL maxi flap lambskin bag with 24k gold-plated hardware from 1994. To participate, simply follow us, tag a friend and state your price estimate as described in the Instagram post

The vintage CHANEL bag - whether a 2.55, a Medium, Jumbo or Maxi - is THE bag among all bags. Classic, iconic and appreciating every outfit and style. 

We at REAWAKE always had a thing for the vintage CHANEL bags. Real 24k gold-plated hardware, soft feel and very robust leather. Simply an icon in every wardrobe.

Interestingly, this icon does not only appreciate any outfit, but also appreciates in value. Why is that? For a simple reason - they are scarce:

  1. CHANEL is not producing such bags anymore. The last CHANEL bags with real 24k gold-plated hardware were produced in 2008.
  2. Those classics rarely hit the market. It is the icon that the vast majority of women keep once they own one

As a result, the vintage CHANEL bags significantly increase in value year by year. But how much? To find out, join and follow our Instagram competition and win a voucher of CHF 1’000 - redeemable for any CHANEL bag at REAWAKE. 

 With participating, you accept the following TERMS OF PARTICIPATION

  • Estimate only valid if you properly tag a friend
  • One estimate per person - if more than one estimate, the first one matters
  • Winner is the participant who estimates the exact price or whose estimate is closest to the original price
  • If more than one participant estimates the correct price, a raffle will decide upon the winner
  • The winner receives a 1’000 CHF REAWAKE voucher, only valid for CHANEL bags
  • The voucher needs to be redeemed within 2019
  • The course of law is impossible
  • The challenge ends on Friday, June 28 at 10pm. Winner will be announced the following week!


Good luck CHANEL lovers!!