Authenticity Guide Gucci

How to tell if a Gucci bag is authentic


Gucci has its roots in Florence, Italy, where it was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. The Italian fashion house began as a modest atelier specializing in fine leather goods, particularly saddlery and luggage. Gradually, the fashion house expanded its product range and visionary creativity to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of luxury fashion. Gucci is the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and its designs are renowned worldwide for their quality and attention to detail. Distinctive trademarks include the iconic double G monogram and the famous Gucci stripe, with its characteristic green and red color combination. The brand is celebrated for its forward-thinking approach to fashion, constantly pushing boundaries and reshaping trends under the visionary leadership of creative directors such as Tom Ford and Alessandro Michele.

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The iconic GG logo, introduced in the 1970s, is a Gucci trademark that evolved from the diamond pattern of the 1930s. When inspecting Gucci monogrammed bags that contain the double G logo, pay attention to the texture of the material and the spacing of the pattern. The left G should be facing forward, while the right G is inverted and upside down. Imitations often have irregularities, such as different sizes of Gs and uneven spacing. The color also plays a decisive role in the authenticity of a Gucci bag. Replicas often have canvas in cooler tones, which appear slightly green, gray and yellow. An original, on the other hand, uses authentic combinations of beige and brown.


Examine the zippers, locks and other hardware for Gucci engravings, which should have a high-quality finish with even spacing and the official Gucci script. Regardless of the type of hardware, authentic Gucci products have one thing in common: quality. When you pick up a genuine Gucci handbag, you immediately notice the weight and quality of the metal hardware; it should never feel light, cheap, scratch-prone or plastic-coated. Pay particular attention to the zippers. Genuine Gucci zippers are made of solid metal and are engraved with "GUCCI".

Tag and Serial Number

Examine the inside of the bag for a rectangular leather label near the zipper pocket, opposite the front closure of the bag. There should be three lines of embossed text on the front of the label and the serial number on the back of the label:

Line 1: Circled brand symbol ®

Line 2: "GUCCI" in the font of the brand and in capitals. Important: The "G" and the two "C "s should resemble rounded and incomplete circles.

Line 3: "made in Italy "

The entire heat stamp should be centered, have an authentic font and be evenly spaced.

When the label is turned over, the serial number should now be visible. This usually consists of 10 to 13 digits, which are often divided into two groups of 6 digits each. Note that the serial number consists only of digits and not letters and that the serif font is similar to the "Times New Roman" font. It is important to note that this code does not only apply to one bag, but should be consistent with other pieces from the same series and the same manufacturer.

Genuine Gucci designs are characterized by uniform spacing, fonts and sizes. Any deviations, such as lettering that is too close together or a generic font, may indicate that the product is not authentic.


Gucci chains are known for their light weight, which distinguishes them from those of other brands. An important point for checking authenticity is the color of the chain. This often appears excessively golden and coated. In addition, the chain links should be firmly connected to each other. The former opening point can be seen in the center of each chain link, which should also be taken into account when checking for authenticity.

Gucci Authenticity Tag

The Gucci Authenticity Tag is available on selected items and provides details on the identity and care of the product as well as personalized customer service. The tag is attached to a black fabric tag inside the bag.

Material and Craftsmanship

When evaluating a Gucci bag, you should be able to immediately recognize the quality of the material and workmanship, especially when physically examining the piece. Run your fingers over the material to feel the texture. Genuine Gucci bags are made from real leather, which often has an imperfect appearance, including irregular grain - especially common in vintage pieces. In contrast, faux leather tends to be overly smooth and have a plastic-like appearance. Genuine leather also has a unique odor, while faux leather emits a chemical smell.


Authentic Gucci handbags are characterized by precise stitching, whereby the thread does not always match the color of the bag itself. The meticulous stitching is a hallmark of many Gucci collections such as Soho and Marmont. Therefore, checking the stitching is a reliable way to recognize authentic product. Genuine bags have a straight, even seam, without frayed or broken threads. Irregularities in the seams, such as unevenness, breaks, gaps or fraying, are a clear indication of a non-Gucci product.

GG Marmont

Inspired by Guccio Gucci, the founder of the brand, the GG logo first appeared in the 1970s. This emblematic design created an iconic concept that eventually led to the creation of the famous Gucci GG Marmont. However, it was not until 2016 that the GG Marmont It-Bag made its debut on the catwalk, thanks to the vision of Creative Director Alessandro Michele, who wanted to revive elements of the Gucci heritage with a new line of bags. Inspired by the spirit of the 70s and the charm of the Château Marmont, the bag became a favorite among designer bag lovers.The classic Marmont bag is made of Matelassé leather, which is known for its unpadded, elastic and quilted structure. Matelassé leather is available in either a diagonal or zigzag pattern. The Marmont collection also includes totes, backpacks and bucket bags. The adjustable and sliding chain strap offers versatile styling options, allowing the bag to be worn as a shoulder bag or as a handle bag, adding to its appeal. The Marmont bags are available in different shapes and sizes, including super mini, mini, small, medium and large, to suit a wide range of preferences.

Chevron Quilting

The chevron stitching, which is known for Marmont handbags and purses, can be a decisive indication of authenticity. The stitching should be even and precisely spaced. The absence of double stitching, broken threads, knots or loose stitches is a sign of a non-authentic product. The stitch length and the distances between the lines should be even.

Heart Stitching

The back of the Gucci Marmont bag features a distinctive leather heart that is visible on the quilted leather. The typical design of the Gucci heart is often ignored, but counterfeit versions often have an excessively sharp point, which is a clear indication of a non-authentic Gucci product.

Double G

When authenticating Gucci bags, the iconic GG hardware serves as a subtle indicator. On genuine Gucci bags, the GG's should have clear and defined edges when overlapped, whereas counterfeit hardware often appears slightly blurred or indistinct. Both G's should point in the same direction without being reversed. The color of the hardware should not be overly shiny or too orange and should not have any paint effects.


Following his rise from head of accessories to creative director in 2015, Alessandro Michele introduced the Dionysus GG Supreme Canvas Shoulder Bag. Named after the ancient Greek god Dionysus, the understated elegance of this bag has firmly established its status as a modern classic.The Dionysus bag features a double flap and convertible chain strap, which allows for versatile styling - whether worn over the shoulder or across the body. Originally available in the traditional Medium, Small, Mini and Super Mini sizes, the collection now also includes small leather goods such as coin purses and clutches. The elegant tiger clasp, inspired by the horseshoe shape, reflects the brand's long association with equestrian sports, and in terms of material choice, the Dionysus bag offers a wide range of options. The GG Supreme Canvas is available in the classic beige tone and is often combined with matching or contrasting suede on the inside flap. In addition, the bag is made from solid grained leather and suede in a variety of color options.

Shape and Weight

A genuine Gucci Dionysus bag usually feels heavy and has a rectangular shape. In contrast, fake versions often have a strikingly square shape and are full of imperfections.

Back Pocket

Check whether the Gucci Dionysus bag has a back pocket. If it does, pay particular attention to details such as color, material, stitching and the general orientation of the bag.


Genuine Gucci Dionysus bags have a dark beige print that blends seamlessly into the background pattern. Also pay attention to the font of the GG pattern, as inaccuracies in the font selection often occur with non-authentic bags.


The suede interior material of a genuine Gucci Dionysus bag should feel soft and flexible. Fake fabrics are usually more textured and the color may also be mismatched.

Side Material Inspection

Checking the black rubber on the edges of the bag can also be helpful. Real models usually have completely covered edges, while parts of replicas may be exposed.

Bottom Examination

Genuine Gucci Dionysus bags feature a suede bottom. Be wary of replicas using inferior fabrics that feel overly textured and appear cheap. Additionally, scrutinize the stitching quality, as counterfeit versions often exhibit poor craftsmanship.


Princess Diana's iconic bag was launched in 1991 and the signature bamboo handles represented an innovative solution that emerged during wartime. During this time, craftsmen had to be resourceful to continue making luxury bags. Bamboo cane imported from Japan was skilfully heated and bent into immaculate, semi-circular shapes. In the early 90s, the bag became an integral part of Princess' unique style. It embodied her essence of freedom and courage, especially during her separation from the royal family.

On 1 July 2021, Princess Diana would have turned 60. In honour of this milestone and to pay tribute to her legacy, Gucci has renamed the bag Gucci Diana and released an updated version. The new edition differs from the original with the addition of detachable, neon-coloured leather straps that adorn the bamboo handles and pay homage to the supporting straps that maintain the shape of the handles.

The Gucci Diana is available in three sizes: mini, small and medium. The colour palette is sophisticated while offering some intriguing and unique shades. Additionally, various monogram options are available with lettering and stars on the metallic leather straps.

With its spacious interior and detachable shoulder strap, the Gucci Diana is the ideal choice for both everyday and professional use.

Handle Quality

A genuine Gucci Diana tote has a bamboo handle of exceptional quality, characterised by a shiny colour and seamless connections between the individual sections. In contrast, imitations often have handles of inferior quality, with dull colours and a plastic-like feel


Genuine Gucci Diana bags carry logos with capital letters that have a fine point at the top, a slightly thicker point in the centre and overlapping Gs.Watch out for logos that are too thin, excessively shiny or have an unnaturally warm gold tone. Inconsistencies in the logo design, incorrectly sized Gs or lower case letters in the Gs are signs of inauthentic products.