REAWAKE eröffnet ihren ersten Flagship Store an der Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse 73.

Circular Fashion

REAWAKE ist die Schweizer Adresse für auserlesene High-End Second-Hand und Vintage Fashion.

Besuch in der Abgabestelle eines nobel-secondhand-ladens

Wer sind diese Leute, die überflüssige Luxusware abstossen?


Valorizzando bellezza e qualità nel tempo

Aufwachen an der Bahnhofstrasse

Secondhand an der Edel-Shoppingmeile

Luxus-Secondhand- Läden eröffnen an exklusivsten Lagen

Secondhand erlebt einen regelrechten Boom.


How a second-hand boutique grew into a successful company.

Basel - Second chance

Bongénie Grieder in Basel now has second-hand fashion from REAWAKE.

Rethinking the luxury segment

A new variant of second-hand shopping is causing a sensation: REAWAKE!


Bongenie Grieder and Reawake join forces: Bongenie Grieder continually integrates Reawake's second-hand luxury fashion into its boutiques.

Bongenie Grieder is lanced in the second part

The chain of Swiss magazines is located in the Brunschwig group and has a premier corner in Bale and collaboration with the Swiss Alémanique Reawake. D'autres ouvertures au sei des enseignes Bongenie en Suisse romande sont prévues dans le courant de l'année.

Luxury second-hand label opens shop in Basel

Successful in the fashion business Dior, Chanel, Hermès - products from these brands can also be sold in used condition. Reawake has specialized in this and is expanding.

Used handbags for thousands of francs?

The trend towards a conscious lifestyle has now also reached fans of luxury, haute couture and well-known designer fashion. But what's behind the trend of spending a lot of money on used clothes and bags?


"REAWAKE has long been a success story at Jelmoli. Now founder Rea Bill has expanded her high-end second hand to include her own studio."


"REAWAKE has long been a success story at Jelmoli. Now founder Rea Bill has expanded her high-end second hand to include her own studio."

Now open - treasure hunt in Bern

"The REAWAKE Second-Hand Treasures can now be found not only online and in Jelmoli, but also in the Loeb Concept Store in Maggs in Bern."

The desire for luxury in times of crisis

"The pandemic has made many people more sensitive to the fact that we need to change our actions and our consumption."

4 questions for Rea Bill

"What I have always attached great importance to is quality and materials."

"Customer advice and direct customer contact in general are very important to us and part of our concept."
Shopping is an experience with all the senses
NZZ Bellevue - May, 2020

"Jelmoli is teaming up with Reawake, the Zurich store for second-hand items in the high-end segment."
Second hand at the first address
annabelle - April, 2020

"My goal is to make customers aware of the influence of their purchasing behavior."
Rea Bill
TextilRevue Inquired - April, 2020

"For me, clothes tell entire novels, and the stories behind them are always exciting."
Long life for fashion treasures
Jelmoli Magazine - March, 2020

"Anyone who has four or five Chanel bags is inclined to sell one or two."
Jelmoli starts vintage shop for Chanel and Gucci
NZZ on Sunday - March, 2020

“Authenticity is the core foundation of Reawake.”
From old to new
Gala Switzerland - March, 2020

"We are creating an exciting new approach to high-quality, sustainable consumption in the environment of a modern department store."
High-end second hand pop-up at Jelmoli
Textile Review - March, 2020

"Jelmoli joins forces with the luxury boutique REAWAKE"
Jelmoli opens a pop-up store for second-hand fashion
NZZ Bellevue - March, 2020

"If you are looking for vintage treasures and unique pieces, you will now find what you are looking for in the REAWAKE second hand pop-up store for designer fashion and accessories at Jelmoli"
Jelmoli x REAWAKE
Jelmoli - March, 2020

"Vintage and second-hand fashion is sustainable and is becoming increasingly popular"
Jelmoli opens luxury second hand pop-up store
fashion united - March, 2020

"Every purchase is a statement for the world we want."
fempop - February, 2020

"There are also people who could afford to buy things new but consciously don't do it."
Second-hand stores – between sustainability boom and competitive pressure (from 3:16)
SRF ECO - December, 2019

"Respect, Recircle, Reawake!"
Second-hand and vintage in Zurich
faces - December, 2019

"The label from Switzerland stands for sustainable quality"
The greatest online shops in Switzerland
femelle - November, 2019

"It often happens that a customer dances around the store in her first pair of Louboutins"
REAWAKE - Dancing around the store in Louboutins
ZURICH SHOP! - December, 2018

"Reawake is a treasure chest: An online shop & boutique for first & second hand high-end fashion. "
REAWAKE - favorites for eternity
L'Officiel - December 18, 2017

"If you want to start the new year with a tidy closet, REAWAKE is the right place for you."
Now Open: Shopping tips in December
annabelle - December 11, 2017

"A date with vintage fashion"
Love at second sight - The best addresses for second hand in Zurich and online
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