REAWAKE stands for sustainable quality. We are the Swiss address for exquisite high-end second hand fashion. With loving appreciation for every treasure, a true enthusiasm for the craft behind it and a passion for timeless design, conscious and sustainable shopping is reinterpreted.

REAWAKE was founded in 2010 by Rea Bill. As a single mother, Rea combined her passion for high-quality fashion and her love of nature. She is the green heart and creative head of the company. Today, 30 REAWAKERS do their best every day to offer personal and excellent service

The vision for REAWAKE is to keep the high-quality, processed materials in the cycle of use for as long as possible and to raise awareness of sustainable consumption.
You can find all information “About REAWAKE” including an interview with our founder Rea here .

Today you can find our stores in Zurich, Bern and Basel. You can find all information such as address and opening times here .

REAWAKE stands for bringing fashion treasures back to life. It has always been our heart's desire to have our own atelier in order to keep treasures that are well-loved, broken or no longer popular in their life cycle for longer.

Your atelier for high-end fashion enables you to be an even more active part of circular fashion and, together with us, to keep the valuable resources in the use cycle for longer.

The REAWAKE atelier is your contact for fashion craftsmanship. Everyday use of a handbag can cause minor or major wear and tear over the years. For us, however, this is no reason to sort out a treasure. With a bag spa we will make your favorite bag shine again. Depending on the condition of your bag, we can offer you a suitable package to fully exploit the potential of your treasure.

We also create and manufacture beautiful individual pieces - also known as upcycling. You can find all information here .

All our products are carefully checked by the REAWAKE team of experts. We only accept 100% original items on commission. If we are unsure in exceptional cases, we will reject the product.


For treasures that we offer in our online shop, all relevant information is documented. If you have any further questions about Treasures, you can contact us directly via email to info@reawake.ch or stop by one of our stores. We look forward to seeing you.

At REAWAKE you can pay with all common payment methods. This includes: Twint, credit cards (VISA, American Express, Mastercard), debit cards, Paypal and bank transfer.

If you have decided to pay by bank transfer, we ask you to transfer the amount to our bank account within the next 24 hours:

IBAN CH85 0900 0000 1544 3648 7

Any delays on the part of the bank (usually a maximum of 2 working days) will be taken into account.

No, payment by invoice is not possible at REAWAKE. If this is the only option for you, please contact us using our contact form.

If you purchase in our local stores, returns are not possible. When purchasing online, REAWAKE accepts returns due to not liking, not fitting, etc. in exchange for a REAWAKE voucher within 3 days. In other words, you get a REAWAKE voucher worth the value of the product you purchased. You bear the costs of returning the product yourself. This only applies to online shop orders. Cash payment of the purchase amount is only possible in two cases:

- The product is significantly incorrectly represented/described in our online shop (e.g. significant defects not mentioned in the product description)

- The product is proven not authentic (see our authenticity guarantee)

You must contact us within 3 days and express your concerns/dislikes. We then ask you to bring the product to us or return it at your own expense. As soon as we have received the product in the same condition as when it was sold, you will receive a REAWAKE credit equal to the sales price.


For purchases of 200 CHF or more, shipping within Switzerland is free for you and REAWAKE covers the costs. For orders below 200 CHF we charge 9 CHF.

Because we want to make sure that your treasure actually reaches you. Exceptions are not possible.

Delivery takes place in Switzerland within 2-4 working days. If you need your piece of jewelry faster, please contact us directly.

Sell with REAWAKE

We only accept original, clean, well-preserved and functional high-end branded items and vintage pieces. Here you will find an overview of the designers we accept.

REAWAKE sets fair sales prices based on experience, expertise and research into the current market situation. If you would like, you can express your ideas regarding the target sales price when submitting your consignment goods, which we will then discuss and document accordingly on the consignment form. Your share is calculated based on the actual price achieved upon sale.

The sales commission depends on the price achieved upon sale. You can find the details here .

We pay out sold items monthly at the beginning of the following month via bank transfer. All relevant information, prices, payout dates, etc. can be found transparently and clearly on your commission form. We will send you a monthly update if one of your pieces has sold. Please note: If you do not receive a commission form update, none of your pieces sold that month.

If the goods are not sold within 90 days, you then have 30 days to collect them at your own expense. Collection is only possible by appointment. After these 30 days, ownership passes to REAWAKE without you receiving any compensation.

Yes, against an expense allowance and provided the goods have not yet been sold or reserved.

By law, REAWAKE has access to the product for as long as defined in the commission agreement within the commission form (3 months). The expense allowance is charged based on the costs incurred by REAWAKE (e.g. storage costs, advertising costs, online shop costs, etc.)

Your items are not insured by REAWAKE as the Treasures remain in your possession until sold. Your treasures are insured if you have insured them accordingly.