REAWAKE Upcycling

In your heartfelt project, we change the character of your favorite pieces and work together to create new treasures from existing materials.

There are almost no limits to your imagination. Together we will discuss the feasibility of your wishes and can give you additional creative input on your upcycling piece.

Our expert can inform you about the duration and costs of your upcycling project.

You can easily make an appointment with us in our studio using our booking tool .

REAWAKE Atelier Upcycled Collection

For the REAWAKE Atelier Upcycled Collection , silk carrés from Hermès were used that had a small stain or a pulled thread. Our high-end studio has professionally removed these small defects and processed them into high-quality individual pieces.

Our REAWAKE Atelier has conjured up a light skirt and an elegant kimono from Hermès silk carrés.





REAWAKE alteration atelier

In addition to upcycling, we also offer classic tailoring.

Changes/Adjustments. Special Offer: Darning Knit.

If you also have an idea for an upcycling project or would like to have something changed in our tailoring shop, then contact us by email, telephone or via our booking tool .

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