Our Mission: Sustainability

REAWAKE was born from a true appreciation for beauty and style - the coming together of craftsmanship, design and aesthetics in a garment or accessory that has the power to awaken joy in its wearer. Our goal is to offer our customers timeless pieces of the highest quality, allowing them not to follow the latest trend, but to invest in their style.

REAWAKE was also born from our love for the unparalleled beauty of nature and our planet and the realization that it is incompatible with today's fashion industry.

The rise of “fast fashion” has taken the fashion industry far away from its roots in creative craftsmanship and the promotion of style. Instead, it has become one of the most destructive forces harming our planet. The ever-increasing hunt for the latest, cheapest trend has resulted in three-fifths of all clothing ending up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being made.

The fashion industry is responsible for 8-10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and its use of harmful chemicals and waste pollutes valuable resources such as water and air. At the same time, this system is built on the backs of a workforce that is 80% female, working in unsafe and unethical conditions for minimal pay.

REAWAKE is committed to consciously breaking this cycle of destruction and offering our customers a better way to live their love of fashion without compromise. The production and manufacturing of a garment is responsible for 70% of the climate impact. By "reawakening" fashion treasures - by selling and buying at REAWAKE - you can dramatically reduce the negative environmental impact of your purchases while building a timeless wardrobe that brings joy. Every day.

How we practice sustainability

We recognize that our solution is far from perfect and that there is still a long way to go if the fashion industry is to be held accountable for the harm it causes. We recognize that we sell products made by companies that are part of the very system we despise.

Nevertheless, we believe in the potential of our model to bring about change now, however imperfect it may be. REAWAKE chooses not to capitulate in the face of complexity and not to let it stop them from finding the perfect solution. The perfect shouldn't be the enemy of the good, right?

In addition to our core business, we strive to implement sustainable practices in our operations and are committed to matching our offering with our growth:


With REAWAKE atelier we have further developed our offering to extend the life of fashion treasures. In our atelier we make your beloved fashion treasures shine again and provide them with the attention and care they deserve.

REAWAKE bags spa

Everyday use of a handbag can cause minor or major wear and tear over the years. For us, however, this is no reason to sort out a treasure.

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In your heartfelt project, we change the character of your favorite pieces and work together to create new treasures from existing materials.

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