HERMÈS Vibrato & 2 Canvas Herbags

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We Love: What a collectors piece this Herbag is. We are truly in love with the Vibrato Leather. A true work of art! In addition, the Herbag offers everything we need: space for our daily belongings and 2 interchangeable Herbags made of canvas! 

About:In 2000, a new exciting material appeared in Hermès stores. This suede-like material, with its thin, colorful stripes, was called vibrato. The unique and vibrant patterns are created by layering hundreds of pieces of different colored chevre goatskin, gluing each layer firmly together and pressing the stack before finally slicing it. Countless handbags and accessories were then made from these cuts. Vibrato has been used to make Plumes, Trims, Herbags, Evelynes, Jiges and all sorts of other designs but the rarest and most sought after are the Birkins, HACs and Kellys, both Retourne and Sellier. The technique and production used to create this vibrato bag was discontinued in 2007 and no longer exists.

Year: 2002

Data code: F squared

Made In: France

Dimensions: W 30 x H 25 x D 11 cm

Strap: 96 cm

Material: vibrato leather, leather

Color: Orange Multicolor, Brown, Black

Hardware: gold

Internal compartments: 1 small side compartment

Outside: Slight signs of wear on the corners, wear on the edges of the bag, wear on the leather flap and strap, signs of wear on the upper edge of the fabric; Signs of wear and stains in the black and brown Herbag

Inside: pen stains on the inner leather, slight signs of wear; Signs of wear and stains in the black and brown Herbag

Accessories: vibrato leather dirt eraser, clochette with lock and two keys, REAWKAE dustbag

Condition: good 


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