HERMÈS Kelly 28 Bag Vache Ardennes Leather Black

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We Love: Also known as Vachette Grainee des Ardennes, this leather is one of Hermès' most durable leathers and is perfect for bags that are used frequently as it is both water and scratch resistant. The processed, thickly grained leather is very dimensionally stable. The natural hue gives the iconic Kelly Bag an effortless elegance and lets the hardware shine

About: Originally known as the Sac à Dépêches, it was designed by Hermès CEO Robert Dumas in the 1930s as a refined version of the house's larger saddlebags. It had a defined trapezoidal shape with practical straps and was designed to be as discreet as it was elegant. 25 years later, her true star potential was recognized. While working on the Hitchcock classic To Catch a Thief in 1954, actress Grace Kelly received a sac à dépêches, which she wore as part of her character's wardrobe. Grace loved the bag so much that she continued to carry it. After their wedding, newly pregnant, Grace turned to her trusted sac à dépêches to protect her growing baby bump from the waiting paparazzi. The image appeared in magazines around the world - and the newly crowned "Kelly" bag was thrust into the spotlight. The Sac à Dépêches bag was officially renamed the "Kelly" by Hermès in 1977 - a nickname she has borne ever since.

Made In: France

Year: 1996

Data code: Z in a circle

Dimensions: W 28 x H 20 x D 12 cm

Material: Vache Ardenne leather

Colour: gold

Hardware: 18k gold plated

Inner compartments: 1 inner compartment, 2 inner side pockets, 1 inner side pocket with zip

Outside: Minimal wear and tear can be seen on the bottom four corners of the bag, but these can only be seen on very close inspection. Finest scratches on the entire hardware, but difficult to see. A slightly more visible scratch on the front closure strap.

Inside: Aside from slightly visible pressure points, there are no signs of wear

Accessories: Hermès dustbag, clochette with lock and 2 keys, shoulder strap with dustbag

Condition: very good


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